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Precision Machining

Our machining services are specially catered to industries and companies that require high precision and innovative products. All machining operations are available round the clock to fulfill the stringent timelines of our customers.


To meet the high accuracy demands of precision machining, we are well equipped with top-of-the line CNC precision machineries and equipments capable of performing a wide variety of functions such as milling, turning, surface & cylindrical grinding, wire cutting, tapping, etc.


Having the capabilities and technical ability to produce machining products within an accuracy of 0.05mm for structure size up from 10000 (mm), to within 0.005(mm) accuracy for smaller dimensions parts.


With our additional 32 tons overhead travelling crane, we are able to machine products up to 32tons , thus satisfying the various needs of our customers from Semi-Conductor, Biomedical, Marine and other sectors of the Manufacturing industry.

Our Gallery

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